Site plan approvals

Obtaining site plan approval

Site plan approvals are issued according to Order no. 47/1203/509/2003, issued by MEC, MTCT, MAI, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 611/29.08.2003.

In order to obtain the site plan approval, the beneficiary / applicant will file at the DEPOGAZ headquarters or at the work points in the territory (see list here) a documentation consisting of the following:

1. Application form addressed to DEPOGAZ, containing the identification data of the beneficiary and of the applicant and also the subject of the request. The mailing address should be specified, if different from the address of the beneficiary / applicant mentioned in the application;
2. Technical memo on future works;
3. Urban certificate (in copy);
4. Zoning plan, scale 1: 25000 or 1: 10000 (two copies);
5. Situation plan, scale 1: 500 or 1: 1000 (or other convenient scale), including the location of the constructions in the specific perimeter as well as the corresponding access roads, and containing the STEREO70 coordinates of the land and the construction work (two copies);
6. Land ownership papers – in copy;
7. If the applicant is not the beneficiary of the construction / work, the documentation and authorization from the beneficiary will be annexed.

The site plan approval will be issued within 15 working days from the date of registration of the documentation and will be sent to the specified mailing address together with a copy of the documentation by post. The approval may also be picked up from DEPOGAZ headquarters or, at the written request of the beneficiary / applicant, it can be sent by fast courier.

If the construction permit has not been issued during the validity period of the site plan approval, the beneficiary has the obligation to obtain a new approval, through the same procedure.



Map containing distances and safety zones

In accordance with Art. 190 of the Law on Electricity and Natural Gas no. 123/2012,  subsequently amended and supplemented, for the protection of natural gas targets / systems, it is prohibited to third parties:

a) to carry out constructions of any kind in the safety zones of the natural gas sites; if it is exceptionally necessary to carry out a construction on that specific gas site, the applicant will bear all the expenses related to the necessary modifications, in compliance with all the provisions regarding the design and execution of works in the natural gas sector and under the condition of transferring the resulting asset to the gas operator's patrimony;
b) to carry out excavations or works of any kind in the safety zone of the natural gas site without the prior approval from the system operator;
c) to store materials on the access ways or in the safety zone of the natural gas site;
d) to intervene in any way on pipelines, equipment or natural gas installations.

The map below shows both the safety areas of our gas storage sites as well as buildings, roads, or other elements that can assist you in determining whether a DEPOGAZ approval is required before the urban planning certificate is issued.

The red marked area, defined by law as the "safety distance," is the area where no building that accommodates people (dwellings, office spaces etc.) can be built.
The area marked with blue color, defined by law as the "safety zone", is the area where it is required to obtain a site approval from 

If you notice that the issuer of the urban planning certificate does not ask for the site approval from DEPOGAZ, please advise them to consult the map below.

For any doubt or to obtain more information on other legal issues, please contact the DEPOGAZ Technical Department (see green area here).

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