DEPOGAZ management

Board of Administration

The sole associate, SNGN ROMGAZ SA, has designated by Decision no. 161/18.09.2018 the members of the Board of Administration of DEPOGAZ, with a 4 year mandate, as follows:

Stănescu Nicolae Bogdan Codruț ♦  Administrator
Cârstea Vasile ♦  Administrator
Offenberg Iulian ♦  Administrator
Baicu Ciudin Alexandru ♦  Administrator
David Georgeta ♦  Administrator

Mr. Stănescu Nicolae Bogdan Codruţ was elected as Chairman of the Board of Administration of DEPOGAZ by Decision no. 13/21.09.2018.

The structure of the consultative committees within the Board of Administration of DEPOGAZ, approved by the Decision no. 13/21.09.2018 of the Board of Administration, is as follows:

The Strategy Committee
Cârstea Vasile - chairman
David Georgeta - member
Offenberg Iulian - member
The Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Baicu Ciudin Alexandru - chairman
Stănescu Nicolae Bogdan Codruț - member
Offenberg Iulian - member
The Audit Committee
Offenberg Iulian - chairman
David Georgeta - member
Baicu Ciudin Alexandru - member


Cârstea Vasile ♦  General Manager CV
Alupei Valentin-Lucian ♦  Storage Manager  
Gîrlicel Victor-Cristian ♦  Technical Manager  
Ionescu Mariana Viorica ♦  Economic Manager CV
Galea Paul ♦  Commercial Manager CV